How to find a Twitter User’s RSS Feed


Twitter constantly changes their API which makes it difficult to locate a Twitter User’s RSS Feed that contains all recent Statuses.

Before a signigicant change to the Twitter API in May 2011 it was very easy to subscribe to a Twitter User’s status updates via RSS by simply subscribing to his/her RSS Feed that was shown on every user’s Twitter page (RSS Icon).

Simply clicking on the RSS Icon subscribed to the feed. Unfortunately Twitter kicked that feature out…

But fortunately Twitter maintained to provide an RSS Feed for every user. They just do not offer it “publicly” on the Twitter Users page.

Here’s how to find a Twitter User’s Status Update RSS Feed:

Each Twitter User’s RSS Feed can be retrieved using the following URL-Scheme.

The only change you have to make is to replace USERID by the specific user’s USERID.

The USERID is NOT the Username or Twittername (@something) but a couple of numbers that need to be “translated” by entering the Twitter username at a free service called IDfromUser (

Once you change the standard URL-Scheme above by adding the proper USERID, you can subscribe to the specific user’s status updates via RSS.

Good luck!

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