VagrantPress – Development Environment for WordPress Themes & Plugins


VagrantPress is a Vagrant-based packaged development environment for developing WordPress themes and modules.

It is simple to set up and especially useful if you are already using Puppet as part of your development workflow.

To set up VagrantPress walk through this 5-step process:

Step 1: Download and Install a Copy of VirtualBox for your Operating System (Mac, PC, Linux).

Step 2: Download and install a Copy of Vagrant.

Step 3: Create a vagrantpress directory and clone a Copy of VagrantPress with the following command:

git clone git:// vagrantpress

Step 4: Switch to the vagrant press directory and start the provisioning process with the following command:

vagrant up

Step 5: Access the new WordPress Development Site at:



VagrantPress installs the following:

• Ubuntu Precise (12.04)

• WordPress 3.8

• Mysql

• Php

• Phpmyadmin

• Subversion


• Xdebug

• PHPUnit

• phploc

• phpcpd

• phpdcd

• phpcs

• phpdepend

• phpmd

• PHP_CodeBrowser

• WordPress sniffs for phpcs

• WordPress Unit Tests

To log in to the WordPress Installation use the following credentials:

Username = admin
Password = admin

To access phpMyAdmin:

Username = wordpress
Password = wordpress

All other passwords that may be needed in the VagrantPress development environment should be „vagrant“.

Any Questions? Contact Chad Thompson – the author of Vagrantpress.

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